With Business Essentials ensuring an effective finance function that is designed to produce accurate, timely and relevant quality data to management, our specialist team is able to take management reporting to the next level.

Our deliverable – we will engage with the appropriate levels of management to roll out a relevant, reliable, structured management reporting framework, ensuring that management reports are delivered to all levels of management on time, every time, and to established deadlines and information quality standards.

Our objective however goes further – modern businesses are no longer able to rely on historical financial reporting in isolation. Our specialist team will take business reporting to the next level, using business intelligence and analytic tools to deliver relevant, customised, real-time dashboards to top management, so that information is available at the touch of a button in graphical and intuitive format. The end result is a data-driven organisation, in which management is able to take business decisions in an immediate, informed way, in real time.



With Business Reporting embedded as an integral part of the business process, the organisation’s optimised financial reporting will lend itself to a deep level of financial and business analysis, which will reveal areas of difficulty and underperformance that may have previously been hidden from view.

Our deliverable – our specialist team will work with management to identify, analyse and interpret the wealth of financial data made available through Business Reporting, allowing a deep dive into the operation to examine of the financial performance of all segments of the business in detail, identifying and reporting on weakly performing areas and opportunities for real business optimisation and profitability gains.


The gains derived from Business Optimisation should be carefully safeguarded through a program of continuous improvement and best practice that is embedded into the organisation, to ensure that the profitability gains that have been achieved are preserved and augmented.

Our deliverable – we are able to assist boards with advice on good corporate governance, proposing effective structures and bringing in the necessary expertise to ensure ongoing best good governance practices at all levels of the organisation.


Our specialist team will work with the finance team and conduct in depth research on the lines of a total systems audit of the entire finance function. This will encompass the department structure, reporting lines, workflow, processes and outputs in terms of financial reporting to management. We will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of departmental business processes, the appropriate and effective use of financial software, the efficiency and accuracy of management reporting, and the robustness and security of departmental internal controls.

Our deliverable – is a detailed proposal of recommendations and hands on assistance to optimise and right-size the finance function, transforming the finance business unit into an effective and efficient business unit designed to process and deliver accurate, timely and relevant information to management, and underpinned by a robust system of internal controls grounded in best practice good financial governance.